Special Topics in Earth System Science (Fall 2013)--Michael J. Prather / UC Irvine

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Earth System Science 280A: Special Topics in Earth System Science (Fall 2013)
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Description: Each quarter is devoted to current topics in the field of Earth System Science. Topics addressed vary each quarter. For this course, topics discussed include: climate change, biodiversity, demographics, transportation and urban systems, cost-benefit analysis, negative impacts on the environment, environmental policy, and sustainability.

Lecture 1: Climate Change - The Science (Part A) 1:42:24
Lecture 2: Climate Change - The Science (Part B) 1:55:10
Lecture 3: Biodiversity and Ecology 1:53:30
Lecture 4: Climate Change - Part C 1:27:33
Lecture 5: Demographics & China 1:51:08
Lecture 6: Transportation and Urban Systems 1:51:05
Lecture 7: Economics Markets & Governments; Cost-benefit Analysis 1:50:33
Lecture 8: Security 1: Environmental Stresses & Negative Impacts 1:24:52
Lecture 9: Environmental Policy 1:53:05
Lecture 10: Security 2: Management & Sustainability 1:39:42