Public Health: Graduate Seminars (2013 - 2015)--UC Irvine

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Hepatitis A: A National Outbreak in 2013 56:26
Public Health Seminar. Structural Considerations in Social Epidemiologic Analysis. 1:07:53
Public Health Seminar. One Health in Action: Examples from the Los Angeles County Veterinary. 48:36
Public Health Seminar. Social Support Networks and Health Behaviors Among Latinos. 50:11
Public Health Seminar. From Health Persona to Societal Health. 51:30
Public Health Seminar. HPV Vaccine Implementation in Developing Countries. 1:07:30
Public Health Seminar. Human Testing: Investigative journalism downwind of heavy industry 51:03
Public Health Seminar. Climate Change. 51:28
Public Health Seminar. A Tale of Two Cities: Genomics Epidemiological in Southeast Asia 59:03
Consequences of withdrawal: Free contraceptives and birth rates in the Philippines 57:07
Public Health Seminar. Public Health 2030: A Scenario Exploration, Clem Bezold, Ph.D. 54:17
The Development Origins of Human Health and Disease Risk: Concepts and Recent Findings 1:11:15
Public Health Seminar California Safter Consumer Products Regulation Dallas M. Cowan, Ph.D. 59:37
Collaborative Search in Electronic Health Records: Khai Zheng, Ph.D. 1:06:10
No Butts About it: Rectal Microbicides and HIV Prevention for Anal Intercourse 1:01:03
Breathing New Life into DNA Microarrays: Peter Noble 1:03:08
"Reflect, Reinvent, Adapt: An Approach to Teaching and Learning in Public Health" by Mirhya 59:59
Public Health in Action: From the Classroom to the Field 48:15
Innovation and Investment in Earthquake Safety: A Roundtable Discussion 1:58:22
Urban Mining and Disease Burden 1:16:22
The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health 1:06:30
Environment and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Disorders 49:22
Public Health Seminar. EBOLA: Six Weeks in West Africa 56:26
Public Health Seminar. STREET2HOME: Continuum of Care for Medically Vulnerable Homeless 1:11:14
Public Health Seminar. Global Health: An Infectious Disease Focused Response 1:02:32
Project Tycho: Data for Health 1:00:04
Public Health Seminar. Communicating Public Health Messages in the Age of Choice 1:01:34
Public Health Seminar. Racial and Gender Differences...Food Insecurity and Type 2 Diabetes 42:01
Public Health Seminar. The National Center for Health Statistics: Research Data Center 48:20
Public Health Seminar. What Levels of Vaccination are Necessary for Measles Control? 58:33
Inexpensive, Point-of-Care, Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases 1:06:11
UCI Public Health Special Forum: Faculty Mental Health 2:01:24