Optical Communication 光纖通訊 (Lectures in English)--鄒志偉/交大

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source: nctuocw        2015年10月6日
The goal is to provide students a basic to advanced understanding in the elements of
optical communication (Fibre, Tx, Rx, amplifier, networks). And to provide an overview of what is new and important in photonics for broadband telecommunications. Possible topics to be covered include advanced issues and new directions in R and D on optical communications device and component technologies, as well as systems applications.
授課教師:光電工程學系 鄒志偉老師
授權條款:Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

Lec01 OFC 1_Introduction 44:44
Lec02 OFC 2_Optical Fiber 1:15:31
Lec03 OFC 3_Effect of Optical Fiber (I): Dispersion 2:12:14
Lec04 OFC 4_ Effect of Optical Fiber (II): Scattering 48:42
Lec05 OFC 5_ Effect of Optical Fiber (III): Nonlinear Phase Modulation 1:12:04
Lec06 OFC 6_Transmitter (I): Laser 1:01:16
Lec07 OFC 7_ Transmitter (II): LD Dynamics & Injection Locking 1:09:58
Lec08 OFC 8_ Transmitter (III): External Modulation 1:02:49
Lec09 OFC 9_ Receiver (I): Photo Diode & Photo Receiver 1:18:31
Lec10 OFC 10_ Receiver (II): Line Coding & Modulation 1:28:21
Lec11 OFC 11_Optical Network 37:59
Lec12 OFC 12_Optical Power Budget Calculation 31:30
Lec13 OFC 13_Integrated Photonics / Silicon Photonics 46:13
Lec14 OFC 14_Revision of The Course 42:37

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