On Thin Ice: Climate Change and the Cryosphere (Winter 2014)--Julie Ferguson / UC Irvine

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Earth System Science 21: On Thin Ice: Climate Change and the Cryosphere (Winter 2014)
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Description: In recent decades we have observed a significant reduction of the cryosphere due to anthropogenic climate change. The observed and predicted changes in the extent and amount of snow and ice will have major impacts on climate, ecosystems and human populations both at a local and global scale. This course will introduce students to the science behind climate change as well as the physical and chemical processes that govern components of the cryosphere, including snow, permafrost, sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets. Particular emphasis will be placed on the important role that each component plays in the larger climate system and potential feedbacks. We will also examine some of the social, economic and political impacts that the melting cryosphere will have on countries around the Arctic and also worldwide, such as access to new petroleum reserves, infrastructure damage due to melting permafrost, sea level rise and decreases in freshwater availability.

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Lecture 01. Introduction 46:42
Lecture 02. Tools for Studying Earth System 44:28
Lecture 03. What Controls Earth's Global Temperature? 42:56
Lecture 04. Earth's climates 45:24
Lecture 05. Anthropogenic Climate Change 47:08
Lecture 06. Future Climate Change 47:15
Lecture 07. Snow 49:39
Lecture 08. Outlook for Snow 41:58
Lecture 09. Permafrost 41:19
Lecture 10. Permafrost and the Carbon Cycle 45:37
Lecture 11. Sea Ice, Part I. 46:32
Lecture 12. Sea Ice, Part II. 41:13
Lecture 13. Implications of Summer Sea-ice Free Arctic 44:27
Lecture 14. Formation of Glaciers, Ice Caps and Ice Sheets 43:26
Lecture 15. Glacier Mass Balance 46:07
Lecture 16. Measuring Glacier Mass Balance and Ice Dynamics 44:46
Lecture 17. Glacier Dynamics 48:25
Lecture 18. Surges, Tidewater Glaciers and Ice Shelves 45:11
Lecture 19. Glacial Landscapes 40:10
Lecture 20. Climate Records from Ice Sheets/Mountain Glaciers 45:34
Lecture 21. Ice Age World and Past Impact of Ice on Humans 40:30
Lecture 22. Melting Glaciers: Glacial Outburst Floods 43:29
Lecture 23. Melting Glaciers: Future of Water Supplies 39:34
Lecture 24. Sea Level Change 48:37
Lecture 25. Measuring Sea Level Change 44:34
Lecture 26. Consequences of Sea Level Change 41:06