Judith Butler with Bracha Ettinger. Ethics on a Global Scale. 2011

source: European Graduate School        2012年4月18日
http://www.egs.edu/ Judith Butler, post-structuralist philosopher and author, talking about precarity and the ethical obligations of geographical proximity through the perspectives of Emmanuel Lévinas and Hannah Arendt, with a response by Bracha Ettinger. In this lecture, Judith Butler discusses our ethical response to suffering at a distance, ethical obligations, geographical proximity, ethics, images of war suffering, Lévinas and Susan Sontag on the war image, the media, grounds for global responsibility, consent and communitarianism, the media's role in proximity and distance, corporeal locatedness, mediated ethical relations, global connectedness, being moved, ethical philosophy and what it means to be ethical in these times; Lévinas on racial and cultural belonging, reciprocity - that egoism as the defeat of ethics itself, the life of the Other and the precarious and corporeal being, the call, vulnerability and ethical relations, cohabitation, the prerogative of genocide, politics and the necessity of cohabiting the earth, community, the notion of unwilled proximity and unchosen cohabitation, precarity, interdependency, ethics on a global scale. Bracha Ettinger responds with the subject and the body, the proto-ethical call and aesthetic phenomena, the uncanny anxiety, the vulnerability of the other, the non-I, transconnectedness, the self, the giving up of subjectivity, subjectivity as an encounter, the mode of co-emerging, affective access to the world, the passage of ethics to politics, interdependency, sharing and trans-sharing over distance and proximity.