Graduate Seminar in Public Health 2012-2013 (UC Irvine)

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UC Irvine OpenCourseWare 0:22
Reproductive Choices & Challenges for PLHIV: Client & Provider Perspectives from South Africa 46:22
Aligning Public Health Prevention Research & Theory with Actual Prevention Practice 55:19
Pain Management In Pediatric Oncology Patients 50:40
The Health Consequences of Asian Immigrant Integration 1:21:28
Designing Electronic Medical Record System to Support Clinical Work Practices 47:50
Epidemiologic Methods Are Useless- They Can Only Give You Answers 1:16:27
Teams and Teamwork in Healthcare: Using Evidence to Inform Policy 1:07:03
Influenza Surveillance in California and The United States 1:01:49
Environmental Contributions to Risk for Autism- State-of-the-Science in 2013 1:05:28
Behavioral Interventions in Support of HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Philippines 1:19:03
Obesity Paradox and Reverse Epidemiology: The Role of Nutritional Status 56:57
HIV Prevention Trials Network 57:02
Virtual Global Health: Computational Modeling and Simulation 1:08:31
Air Quality in the Urban Environment 54:51
Partner violence among methamphetamine-using women at risk for HIV 59:08
Imperative Research in Health-Related Water Microbiology 1:01:27