Graduate Seminar in Public Health 2010-2011 (UC Irvine)

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UC Irvine OpenCourseWare 0:22
A Perspective on Contemporary Issues in Risk Assessment 1:05:45
Addressing Socioeconomic Barriers to Effective Diabetes Management 57:05
Breast Cancer Risk and Environmental Exposure to Contaminated Drinking Water 58:35
Diabetes at Hoag: Collaborative and Integrative Management 1:03:33
Grand Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical and Translational Science 1:11:50
Infused Therapy in Medicare Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 33:43
Intimate Partner Violence: Current Research in the ED Setting 1:00:41
Linking Social and Ecological Determinants to Public Health 53:50
Malaria Elimination: Right Goal; Right Direction; Wrong Road? 41:30
Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 1:02:28
Patient-Reported Outcomes for Public Health and Clinical Research: The PROMIS Initiative 1:08:13
Environmental Cleanup Partnerships in Washington State 1:15:11
Public Health Genomics 51:03
Public-Private Partnerships for Health: Social experiments to integrate ethics and profits 1:06:12
The CUIDAR Program 55:40