Educational Research @ MIT CSAIL 趨勢技術分享

source: EpochFoundation的頻道         2014年10月2日
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL)、Quanta Computer、
Epoch Foundation  

【About the symposium】
The Internet and the Cloud have transformed how we exchange information, engage in social activities, conduct business and enjoy our entertainment. The emergence of high-quality online courses is driving the transformation of education at all levels and is reshaping how teaching and learning will work in the 21st century. A symposium on online education took place in January, 2014 in Taipei.The keynotes highlight some of the central ideas driving this revolution, followed by four short presentations on new education technologies at MIT CSAIL. Two panels explore the perspectives on 21st century education and how traditional residential university education should evolve in this new environment and explored the future of education.
線上教育的先驅之一麻省理工學院電腦暨人工智慧實驗室(MIT CSAIL) 團隊專程來台,
由全球知名線上教育組織edX創辦人Anant Agarwal、中研院院士Victor Zue (舒維都)、
計算機系統架構大師Steve Ward、網路與行動系統大師John Guttag…等關切教育的國際級科學家,

1. Educational Research @ MIT CSAIL 趨勢技術分享
Moderator/主持人:Dr. Chris Terman, MIT CSAIL
2. Online Education with Learner-sourcing 線上教育與學習者的整合搜尋
Prof. Robert Miller, MIT CSAIL
3. Knowledge Mining Online Learning Data 線上資料的知識探掘
Dr. Una-May O’Reilly, MIT CSAIL
4. Authoring Tablet Video Lectures with Pentimento 原影再現
Prof. Fredo Durand, MIT CSAIL
5. Human Language Technology Meets MOOC 人類語言科技遇上MOOC
Prof. Victor Zue(舒維都), MIT CSAIL

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