Alain Badiou. The Philosophical Concept of Change Within Politics. 2012

source: European Graduate School       2013年1月31日
http://www.egs.edu Alain Badiou, French philosopher, mathematician and author, talking about the question of change in the political field. In this lecture, Alain Badiou discusses the relationship between State and law, the dialectics of possibility and impossibility, the relationship between political action and artistic creation, relativity within the empirical experience of change, the distinction between realization and creation, the Event and the consequences of change focusing on repetition, violence, repression, irrational numbers, the forcing of possibility, the structure of worlds, truth, revolutions and negation. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland Europe. 2012. Alain Badiou.

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