Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar (Stanford University)

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source: Stanford      Last updated on 2014年9月25日
Stanford University's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar is a weekly speaker series that brings innovation leaders from business, finance, technology, education, and philanthropy, to share their insights with aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Innovation in a Disruptive Environment 1:00:19
Citizen Engineer 1:01:45
A Historical Perspective on Semiconductors and Moore's Law 1:03:02
A Serious Take on Internet Game Play 1:09:32
Fall 2009 Quarter Roundup: What Did We Learn? 1:18:33
From Stanford to Startup 58:14
Innovate for America 1:01:43
Developing Products That Save Lives 1:01:11
The True Value of Partnerships 1:01:21
A New Vision for Capital Markets 54:57
How to Build Instant Connections 58:21
Effective Models for Sustainable Growth 55:20
Reach Your Escape Velocity 58:53