Vibrations and Waves Problem Solving Help Videos, Fall 2012 (Wit Busza / MIT)

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MIT 8.03SC Vibrations and Waves Problem Solving Help Videos, Fall 2012
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This collection includes ten problem solving help videos by Professor Wit Busza. These videos help student to learn how to approach and solve problems related to the MIT course 8.03SC Vibrations and Waves.
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1. Simple Harmonic Motion & Problem Solving Introduction 1:16:17
2. Harmonic Oscillators with Damping 1:01:53
3. Driven Harmonic Oscillators 1:09:37
4. Coupled Oscillators without Damping 53:03
5. Traveling Waves without Damping 1:18:40
6. Standing Waves Part I 34:40
7. Standing Waves Part II 53:17
8. Electromagnetic Waves in a Vacuum 59:35
9. Accelerated Charges Radiating Electromagnetic Waves 59:51
10. Interference of Electromagnetic Waves 57:41

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