Stana Katic: "ATP: Where do you want to go today?" Interview | Talks at ...

source: Talks at Google       2015年8月28日
Stana Katic joins Brendon Harrington at Google for a discussion about the Alternate Transportation Project. This is the interview portion.
Stana Katic, a well-known film & TV actress, currently starring the TV series CASTLE, is a strong advocate for the environment. Having lived in major cities around the world where alternative travel is the norm, Ms. Katic found limited options within Los Angeles to navigate the city without a car. Rather than accept a car-centric fate, Stana dedicated her time to discovering more environmentally sustainable ways to traverse the city. Hoping to share her experiences and discover how alternative travel was accomplished across the world, Stana created the Alternative Travel Project in 2010. Katic came to Google June 22, 2015 to talk about ATP.
Brendon Harrington is Google's Transportation Manager.