Medcast (Stanford University)

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source: Stanford         Last updated on 2014年9月22日
MEDCAST puts you in the front row at some of the leading-edge lectures at the School of Medicine. Tune in to watch Stanford faculty and other renown experts discuss the latest advances in biomedical research, patient care and other health-related fields.

Is Evidence-Based Medicine a Barrier to Cost-Effective Care? 50:11
Monoclonal Antibodies: Stanford Academia-Industry Collaboration 51:16
The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?) 1:16:43
The Mismeasure of Man 53:50
New Perspectives on Menopausal Hormones and Heart Disease 1:19:16
From Sickness to Health: Beethoven's Heiliger Dankgesang 58:28
Mood Disorders Across Women's Lifecycle 1:11:04
Mexican Migrant Health 1:00:41
Imaging Patients with Myelopathy 1:03:34
Cancer and Climate Change: Parallels in Risk Management 1:18:07
The Influence of Sex/Gender on Cardiovascular Health 47:03
Using Dendritic Cells to Create Cancer Vaccines 56:55
Environment Degradation Begets Epidemics: Cholera in Bangladesh 39:16
Vitamin D: It's Not Just For Bones Anymore 33:47
The Politics and Promise of Stem Cell Research 34:55
21st Century Bacterial Pneumonia: Old Habits and New Approaches 51:16
Maternal Infant Care and Challenges in East Africa 54:51
Rebuilding Iraq's Mental Health Care System 54:37
Cancer Biology and Cancer Medicine 1:17:23
Childhood Obesity and Public Policy 52:17
Four Big Ideas from the Carnegie Study on Medical Education 1:24:55
Changes in Female Sexual Function Throughout the Lifespan 1:13:52
Health Risks of Type-A Behavior 1:58:22
The New Rotavirus Vaccine: The Second Time is the Charm 35:12
Stanford Medicine Celebrates TedMed 2014 4:18