Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2011-2012) Dan Schwartz / Stanford U

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An Unexpected Place For HCI to Improve Education: Tests 1:11:42
Computer Vision in the Study of Art 1:08:17
Designing Engaging Information Technology 1:10:17
Enhancing Creativity with Interactive Paper 1:07:47
Expressive Interaction and the Evaluation of Creativity Support 1:07:41
Human Intelligence Needs Artificial Intelligence 1:00:01
Human-Centered Computing for Creativity and Expression 1:12:04
Interaction Design for the Quantified Self 1:09:22
Interface Technologies That Have Not Yet Left the Lab 1:10:29
Micro-Coordinating: The Design of Collaborative Phenomena 1:05:47
Motivation in the Age of Online Participation 1:06:56
Natural Interactions & Computing for Global Development 50:15
Next-Generation Citizen Science 1:06:23
Peer to PCAST: Open Video and Open Government 1:08:17
Sensemaking III: Searching-For and Organizing Information 1:12:09
To Friend and to Trust 58:34
Trajectories and the Extended User Experiences 1:05:19