Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2009-2010, Stanford U)

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source: Stanford      Last updated on 2014年9月25日
EE 380: Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium is a Stanford University course that features weekly speakers on current research and developments in computer systems. Topics touch upon all aspects of computer science and engineering including logic design, computer organization and architecture, software engineering, computer applications, public policy, and the social, business, and financial implications of technology. Frequently the Colloquium provides the first public forum for discussion of new products, discoveries, or ideas. This playlist consists of seminar speakers recorded during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Self and Self: Whys and Wherefores 1:10:11
Construction of De Novo Biological Process Control Circuits 1:14:07
DRAM Errors in the Wild: A Large-Scale Field Study 54:34
Wave Glider: An Autonomous Wave-Powered Sensor Platform 1:09:24
Starting a Productivity Revolution in Parallel Computation 1:23:00
Rethinking Time in Distributed Systems 1:23:35
PortLand: Scaling Data Center Networks to 100,000 Ports and Beyond 1:13:52