Architecture by California College of the Arts

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source:  California College of the Arts   

Lecture by Alejandro Zaera-Polo 1:39:18
Athena Carter: Rebooting Public Spaces 3:17
Becky Lam: Under the Guise of Tourism 2:43
Bo Cao: Urban Concrescence: Splice the Slices 3:31
Catalogtree: Dutch Design at CCA 59:46
Chrystee Cheng: Super Street | New High-Density "Hutong" Housing in Beijing 2:52
Lecture by Craig Dykers 1:28:04
Lecture by David Baker 1:10:52
Lecture by David Gissen 43:48
Ellen Anderson: Surface Tensions 3:25
Jeremy Bamburger: SILICON and the CITY 3:26
John Westell: The Feral Mall: A Field Guide
Kadi Franson: Bountiful Ruin: Design for Contamination 5:34
Kate Ganim: Immersive Learning Landscape 3:09
Kristina Hoglund Farber: Itineraries of Continuous Interiority 3:22
Leah Nichols: Bodies (as mass) + Building (as mass) 4:26
Lecture by Cristina Diaz Moreno and Efren Garcia Grinda, AMID.cero9 1:28:31
Lecture by Heather Roberge, Murmur 1:05:56
Lecture by Joshua Stein, Radical Craft 1:48:27
Lecture by Mona El Khafif 1:40:04
Lecture by Willem Jan Neutelings 1:29:35
Lindy Roy -- Architecture Lecture Series 1:23:52
Lecture by Mark Dziewulski 58:02
Lecture by Michael Weinstock 1:32:54
Lecture by Mimi Hoang 1:18:41
Misa Grannis: Decalcifying the City 3:21
Mona El Kafif -- Architecture Lecture Series 1:26:36
Nathan Pundt: Ambient Interventions 2:53
Nelson Acevedo: Rebuilding the Closet | Empowering Queer Mechanisms 3:04
Lecture by Paul Lewis 1:11:37
Lecture by Philippe Rahm 1:33:32
Lecture by Piero Lissoni 37:34
Lecture by Preston Scott Cohen 1:24:02
Red Car Colloquium (Part I): Rethinking Urban Transportation: New Strategies for Mobility 2:01:22
Red Car Colloquium (Part II): Rethinking Urban Transportation: New Strategies for Mobility 2:32:18
Sam Slater: Grappling: Reschooling the Town of Greenville 3:36
Sean Stillwell: Opportunistic Park(ing): A Distributed Pedestrian Network 4:25
Shawn Whitehorn: URBAN WAY-STATION 3:04
Shellar Garcia: Fluid Horizons 3:03
Solar Decathlon - Refract House 1:38:48
Team California Wins First Place in Architecture 1:03
Team California Wins First Place in Communications 2:09
Lecture by Toyo Ito / Toyo Ito and Associates, Architects 1:35:00
Lecture with Hunter Tura 1:24:10
Lecture by Jeffrey Inaba, INABA 1:31:27
Lecture by Kai-Uwe Bergmann 1:31:16
Lecture by Keller Easterling 1:18:36
Lecture by Edward Mitchell 1:27:23
Architecture at California College of the Arts (CCA) 4:14
Lecture by Tomás Saraceno 1:30:55
Lecture by Benedetta Tagliabue 1:21:58
Lecture by Teddy Cruz 1:47:02
Lecture by David Fletcher 1:15:09
Lecture by Kas Oosterhuis 1:38:21
Lecture by Jimenez Lai, Bureau Spectacular 1:04:11
Lecture by Jeanne Gang 1:15:29
Lecture by Kas Oosterhuis (Part 1) 47:04
Lecture by Kas Oosterhuis (Part 2) 52:39
Lecture by Anthony Vidler: Towards an Other Architecture 45:41
Lecture by Kazys Varnelis 1:12:43
Lecture by Lois Weinthal 1:23:02
Lecture by Irene Cheng 53:36
Lecture by Hiroto Kobayashi 1:05:21
Lecture by Teddy Cruz 59:28
Meet Our Alumni -- California College of the Arts (CCA) 2:49
Lecture by Neil Brenner, Harvard Graduate School of Design 1:07:34
Isaac Julien in conversation with Aehbric Coleman 1:53:22
Lecture by Pier Vittorio Aureli 1:04:51
Lecture by Aaron Betsky 1:20:28
Lecture by Michiel Schwarz 44:25
Lecture by Natalie Jereminjenko 1:25:54
Lecture by Mauricio Soto 1:06:15
Lecture by Hans Vermeulen & Hedwig Heinsman 1:00:28
Lecture by Jorge Otero-Pailos 1:07:17
Black Lives Matter Teach-In: On Race, Architecture, and the City 1:29:25
Interior Design at California College of the Arts 3:11
Tina Manis Lecture 45:29
Sylvia Lavin Lecture 49:44
David Benjamin Lecture 1:11:36