Systems Biology (Fall 2014) by Jeff Gore at MIT

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MIT 8.591J Systems Biology, Fall 2014
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Introduction to cellular and population-level systems biology with an emphasis on synthetic biology, modeling of genetic networks, cell-cell interactions, and evolutionary dynamics. Cellular systems include genetic switches and oscillators, network motifs, genetic network evolution, and cellular decision-making. Population-level systems include models of pattern formation, cell-cell communication, and evolutionary systems biology.
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Introduction to the class and overview of topics 1:07:20
Input function, Michaelis-Menten kinetics, and cooperativity 1:17:45
Autoregulation, feedback and bistability 1:18:41
Synthetic biology and stability analysis in the toggle switch 1:19:57
Oscillatory genetic networks 1:21:11
Graph properties of transcription networks 1:21:29
Feed-forward loop network motif 1:21:29
Introduction to stochastic gene expression 1:20:35
Causes and consequences of stochastic gene expression 1:20:42
Stochastic modeling 1:21:51
Life at low Reynold’s number 1:19:12
Robustness and bacterial chemotaxis 1:18:42
Robustness in development and pattern formation 1:21:18
Microbial evolution experiments and optimal gene circuit design 1:19:40
Evolution in finite populations 1:20:56
Clonal interference and the distribution of beneficial mutations 1:21:05
Fitness landscapes and sequence spaces 1:18:46
Evolutionary games 1:20:41
Survival in fluctuating environments 1:18:27
Parasites, the evolution of virulence and sex 1:18:44
Interspecies interactions 1:21:03
Ecosystem stability, critical transitions, and biodiversity 1:20:04
Dynamics of populations in space 1:20:47
The neutral theory of ecology 1:17:45

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