Giorgio Agamben. Literature and the Paradox of Monasticism. 2009 (1 to 9)

source: European Graduate School     Last updated on 2014年5月31日
http://www.egs.edu/ Giorgio Agamben offering an analysis of power through an investigation of the paradox of monastic life in light of his concept, form-of-life. He spoke about St Francis, Catholic rule or regula, papal power and the history of the monastic experience. Drawing on a history of that shows the progressive control of the monastery by the church. He spoke about spiritualists, Pope John XXIII, the role of the apostate, existence and essence, law and life, Edward Muybridge and Étienne-Jules Marey, schema and rythmus, and looked at monastic literature. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School (EGS).