Physicist, Michio Kaku Explores the Science of Mass Effect 2 with GTTV

source: Michio Kaku (www.mkaku.org)      2015年3月31日
Explore the Science of Mass Effect 2 with Theoretical Physicist, Michio Kaku via the GTTV series 'The Science of Games'.
"From the reality of space travel to our longing for lightsabers, the segment attempts to separate science fact from fiction while delivering some keen insight into both the virtual and real worlds around us." ~ Daniel Kayser, Interviewer
Mass Effect 2 -- BioWare's space-based role-playing game (RPG) and is the second chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy... taking you to the darkest reaches of space, where you must uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of humans across many worlds.

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