Invention of the Modern World (by Alan Macfarlane, March 2011)

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A set of seventeen short lectures given at Tsinghua University, Beijing, in March 2011, by Alan Macfarlane. These are the Wang Gouwei lectures. All credits and thanks are on the films. For further background, as well as a higher quality, downloadable, version, along with downloadable text of the lecture (up quite soon) please see under 'Lectures' on www.alanmacfarlane.com

(1/17): What is the question? 35:11
(2/17): War, Trade and Empire 34:02
(3/17): Technology of Production 32:34
(4/17): Capitalism, Money & Markets and the Development of the Modern world 39:26
(5/17): Material Life and Demography 39:26
(6/17): Universities and Science 29:14
(7/17): Caste and Class 44:09
(8/17)Invention of the Modern World: Games, sport and hobbies 29:47
(9/17)Invention of the Modern World: Friendship and kinship 41:26
(10/17)Associations, Trust and Civil Society in the Growth of Modernity 30:20
(11/17)Power, Bureaucracy and Politics in the Making of the Modern world 35:23
(12/17)Law and Violence in the Making of the Modern World 28:50
(13/17)Educational systems and language systems in England over time 39:11
(14/17)Myths of unity and national identity in modern nations 27:10
(15/17)The origins of modern religion and ethics in a divided world. 24:37
(16/17)English Character and Personality - The peculiarity of the English 24:54
(17/17)Why and how the modern world emerged 24:25