Environmental Politics and Law with John Wargo at Yale University (Spring 2010)

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Environmental Politics and Law (EVST 255)
Can law change human behavior to be less environmentally damaging? Law will be examined through case histories including: environmental effects of national security, pesticides, air pollution, consumer products, plastics, parks and protected area management, land use, urban growth and sprawl, public/private transit, drinking water standards, food safety, and hazardous site restoration. In each case we will review the structure of law and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website: http://open.yale.edu/courses

1. Introduction to the Course 45:02
2. Principles & Strategies in Environmental Law 50:21
3. Nuclear Experiments 46:42
4. Nuclear Secrecy and Ecology 42:49
5. Preparing for War: NEPA 51:40
6. Marine Food-Chains: Mercury 48:23
7. Site Restoration Law 48:16
8. Chemically Dependent Agriculture 49:00
9. Risk and Law: Pesticide Paradigm 49:35
10. Safe Drinking Water: Science and Law 48:11
11. Safety Claims and Free Speech: Preemption and Defamation 45:49
12. Air Quality Law: Margins of Safety 45:14
13. Vehicle Emissions and Public Transit 47:04
14. The Quiet Revolution in Plastics 52:03
15. The Tobacco Paradigm 43:41
16. Evolution of Tobacco Law 47:20
17. Land Use and Conservation Law: The Adirondack History 47:41
18. Property Rights and Public Lands Management 43:15
19. Land Use Law and Property Rights 50:24
20. Managing Coastal Resources in an Era of Climate Change 43:43
21. Certification: Design and Green Architecture 49:58
22. Past and Future of Nuclear Power 45:36
23. Renewable Energy Policies 49:34
24. Reflection and Lessons 50:02