Colin Wilson (1931 - 2013): The High and the Low (Part 1 Complete) -- A ...

source: ThinkingAllowedTV  2013年12月15日
This is the full broadcast portion of the 88-minute DVD interview.

In this moving and profound program, Colin Wilson shares his personal struggle in dealing with states of panic and depression. His attempt to cope with these difficult experiences has led him to explore states of extreme lucidity and self-control.

Colin Wilson was one of the most prolific writers in the English language. His novels include The Mind Parasites, The Philosopher's Stone and Sex Diary of a Metaphysician. Other major works include A Criminal History of Mankind, The Occult, Mysteries, Religion and the Rebel, The New Existentialism, New Pathways in Psychology and The Outsider--his first and most famous book.

A Thinking Allowed program, hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove