LBCC - Study Skills (lectures 1-14)

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The Learning and Academic Resources Department encourages you to view these videos of workshops to gain tips and learn strategies on a variety of learning and study skills topics! You can go to the LAR Study Skills Video webpage and download workshop handouts and summary sheets. Also we invite you to visit the LAR website to find out about all of the courses and services we offer at LBCC.
http://www.lbcc.edu/LAR/index.cfm -LAR website
http://www.lbcc.edu/LAR/studyskills.cfm - LAR Study Skills Video webpage

LBCC - Memory Tricks 48:06
LBCC - More Memory Tricks 46:17
LBCC - How To Remember For Tests 44:34
LBCC - Taking Better Lecture Notes 44:27
LBCC- Great Ways To Study 37:06
LBCC - More Great Ways to Study 43:28
LBCC - Organizing Your Study Time - Part 1 46:20
LBCC - Organizing Your Study Time - Part 2 47:37
LBCC - Habits of Successful College Students 44:32
LBCC - Test Taking Skills 43:14
LBCC - More Test-Taking Skills #1 42:23
LBCC - Preparing For Tests 45:52
LBCC - How to Predict Test Questions 41:51