How to Succeed as an Idea Entrepreneur, with John Butman | Big Think Mentor

source: Big Think 2013-08-14
In the knowledge economy, ideas are the new widgets. John Butman has been helping people develop and express great ideas for decades, but in recent years, he observes, something has changed. He calls it the rise of the Idea Entrepreneur, as evidenced by the proliferation of authors like Malcolm Gladwell, conferences like TED and Aspen Institute, and websites like Big Think. The idea entrepreneur, says Butman, is motivated primarily by a passion for the idea itself, and a desire to spread its influence. With so many ideas competing for attention, however, a few succeed while a great many fail. In How to Succeed as an Idea Entrepreneur, his workshop for Big Think Mentor ((http://goo.gl/06gYu), Butman teaches you why.

In his introduction to the workshop Butman explains the growing influence of idea entrepreneurship in the internet age.