Lesbian/Gay Theory (同志理論)

# Check out videos at A. (subjects)-Humanities-Cultural/Interdisciplinary Theories-Feminism & Gender Studies. 
(*As academic studies/theories nowadays are mostly interdisciplinary, it may be more effective to house relevant videos at a specific place together for cross reference and extensive study.) 

Gayle Rubin 魯賓
Paulina Palmer 寶琳娜•帕默
Bonnie Zimmerman 寶妮•紀默曼
Andrienne Rich 安德琳•莉琪
Queer Theory 酷兒理論
          --Judith Butler 巴特勒--Click to view videos at A. (subjects)-Humanities-Cultural/Interdisciplinary Theories-(Judith Butler)
          --Eve Sedgewick 賽菊克

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