Turing Consciousness 2012

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source: Richard Brown     2012年7月10日
Videos from the Summer Institute on the Evolution and Function of Consciousness. Website here: http://www.summer12.isc.uqam.ca/page/renseignement.php?la...

John Searle -Consciousness and Causality 49:09
Searle's talk at the Evolution and Function of Consciousness Summer School ("Turing Consciousness 2012") held at the University of Montreal as part of Alan Turing Year. All videos can be found here: http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/harnad/T...
Daniel Dennett -"A Phenomenal Confusion About Access and Consciousness" 1:06:18
Bernard Baars -The Biological Basis of Conscious Experience: Global Workspace Dynamics in the Brain 46:57
Simon Baron-Cohen -Evolution of Empathy 34:02
Wolf Singer -Consciousness: Unity in Time Rather Than Space? 42:22
Joe LeDoux -The Perplexing Relationship Between Emotions and Consciousness 35:27
David Rosenthal -Does Consciousness Have any Utility? 43:09
Roy Baumeister -The Why, What and How of Consciousness 48:48
Gualtiero Piccinini -Is Consciousness a Spandrel? 37:12
Patrick Haggard -Awareness of Voluntary Action: What is it and What is it For? 39:31
Catherine Tallon-Baudry -Is Consciousness an Executive Function? 46:15
David Edelman -The Octopus as a Possible Invertebrate Model for Consciousness Studies 50:10
Dario Floreano -Evolution of Adaptive Behavior in Autonomous Robots 49:53
Michael Graziano -Consciousness and the Attention Schema 38:59
John Campbell -What does Visual Experience Have to do with Visual Science? 38:42
Shimon Edelman -Being In Time 40:06
Alfred Mele -Do Conscious Decisions Ever Play a Role in Action Production? 26:29
Fernando Cervero -Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Pain 37:47
Hakwan Lau -How to Study the Functions of Subjective Awareness? 28:54
Ioannis Rekleitis -Three Basic Questions in Robotics: New Directions 43:56
Gary Comstock -Feeling Matters 36:25
Christopher Pack -Vision During Unconsciousness 47:32
David Freedman -Brain Mechanisms of Visual Categorization and Decision-Making 40:29
Phillip Jackson -The Brain Response to the Pain of Others: Fleeing Versus Caring 39:29
Axel Cleermans -Consciousness and Learning 45:08
Adrian Ward -Mind Blanking: When the Stream of Consciousness Runs Dry 35:16
James Clark -Attention: Feeling and Doing 47:56
Alain Ptito -Neural Mechanisms of Blindsight after Hemispherectomy: Tapping into the Unconscious 32:22
Gilles Plourde -General Anesthetics for the Study Consciousness 40:34
Malcolm MacIver -Sensory and Motor Spaces and the Emergence of Multiple Futures 42:33

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