Evolution & Ecology (Seminars)

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source: iBiology      2016年7月11日

Elizabeth Hadly (Stanford) 2: Loss of Biodiversity - The Tiger: A species on the brink 15:09
Elizabeth Hadly (Stanford) 1: Loss of biodiversity in a human-dominated world 23:43
James Estes (UC Santa Cruz) 3: Apex Predators Around the World 22:50
James Estes (UC Santa Cruz) 2: Apex Predators: Sea Otters and Kelp Forests 26:51
James Estes (UC Santa Cruz) 1: The Ecological Function of Apex Predators 14:18
Neil Shubin (U. Chicago): The Evolution of Limbs from Fins 26:07
Melina Hale (U. Chicago) 2: The Evolution of Neural Circuits & Behaviors: A Startling Example! 27:00
Melina Hale (U. Chicago) 1: The Evolution of Neural Circuits & Behaviors: Introduction to Evolution 19:18
Andrew P. Nosal (Scripps/UCSD): Not Just on Vacation: Why Leopard Sharks Hang Out in La Jolla 35:04
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Spanish Part 1: Plant nutrition and sustainable agriculture 31:58
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 3: An environmentally friendly phosphorus fertilization system 24:50
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 2: Phosphorus: an essential plant nutrient 36:30
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 1: Plant nutrition and sustainable agriculture 34:08
Baldomero “Toto” Olivera (U. Utah, HHMI) 3: Conus Venom Peptides: Chemical biology to neuroscience 34:02
Baldomero “Toto” Olivera (U. Utah, HHMI) 2: Conus Venom Peptides: Generation of peptide diversity 30:32
Baldomero “Toto” Olivera (U. Utah, HHMI) 1: Cone Snail Venom Peptides: Venom complexity 38:57
Nicole King (UC Berkeley, HHMI) 1: The origin of animal multicellularity 26:54
Nicole King (UC Berkeley, HHMI) 2: Choanoflagellate colonies, bacterial signals and animal origins 36:13
Jared Leadbetter (Caltech) 1: Termites and Their Symbiotic Gut Microbes 37:08
Steven Reppert (UMass) Part 2: Monarch Butterfly Migration: A Time-Compensated Sun Compass 46:55
Steven Reppert (UMass) Part 1: Neurobiology of Monarch Butterfly Migration: Migration Overview 28:10
Deborah Gordon (Stanford) 2: The Evolution of Collective Behavior 32:56
Deborah Gordon (Stanford) 1: Local Interactions Determine Collective Behavior 20:09
Pamela Ronald (UC Davis) Part 2: Engineering Resistance to Infection and Tolerance to Stresses 39:46
Sarah Tishkoff (U. Pennsylvania) Part 1: African Genomics: Human Evolution 36:20
Sarah Tishkoff (U. Pennsylvania) Part 2: African Genomics: African Population History 28:04
Sarah Tishkoff (U. Pennsylvania) Part 3: African Genomics: Natural Selection 39:36
Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard University) Part 1: Introduction 12:47
Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard University) Part 2: Genetics of Morphology 36:13
Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard University) Part 3: Genetics of Behavior 38:01
Harmit Malik (FHCRC/HHMI) Part 1: Molecular arms races - Host evolution 32:51
Harmit Malik (FHCRC/HHMI) Part 2: Molecular arms races - Viral evolution 22:46
Scott Edwards (Harvard) Part 1: Gene trees and phylogeography 54:51
Scott Edwards (Harvard) Part 3: Genomics of host-parasite co-evolution 49:41
Scott Edwards (Harvard) Part 2: Multilocus phylogeography of Australian birds 58:18
Nancy Knowlton (Smithsonian) Part 1: Coral Reefs: Past, Present and Future 56:15
Nancy Knowlton (Smithsonian) Part 2: Biodiversity and Why It Matters 47:16
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 3: Non-enzymatic Copying of Nucleic Acid Templates 53:52
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 2: Protocell Membranes 40:43
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 1: The Origin of Cellular Life on Earth 54:41
Roger Hanlon (MBL) Part 3: Changeable Skin 31:13
Roger Hanlon (MBL) Part 2: Exploring Mechanisms of Visual Perception 51:09
Roger Hanlon (MBL) Part 1: Camouflage and Signaling in Cephalopods 28:22
Pamela Ronald (UC Davis) Part 1: Sustainable agriculture 25:05
Dianne Newman (CalTech) Part 3: Interpreting Molecular Fossils of Oxygenic Photosynthesis 40:22
Dianne Newman (CalTech) Part 2: Microbial Respiration of Arsenate 40:32
Dianne Newman (CalTech) Part 1: An Overview of Microbial Diversity and Evolution 53:44
Marc Kirschner (Harvard U) Part 1: The Origin of the Vertebrate Nervous System 33:32
Marc Kirschner (Harvard U) Part 2: Telling the Back from the Front 27:49
Marc Kirschner (Harvard U) Part 3: How Chordates Got Their Chord 19:11

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